A space to share stories about community, tribe and anam ċara (soul friends)

Anam Ċara Connection

So many of my blog posts this year have been me-focused. My year of adventure. My dream of Pure Spaces evolving from passion project into purposeful career being realised. It is true to say that, for this phase of my life at any rate, I am a walking example that my...

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Gratitude Reflection

Pure Spaces Education was born into the world at a time of great personal professional upheaval for me. At the time I had no clear sense of where or what. Still not sure, to be honest. The Pure Spaces journey is certainly not a linear one. Recently I heard this...

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Nature-based Solutions

22 April – Earth Day. On the United Nations website – International Mother Earth Day. Another day to acknowledge all the wonder and beauty of Mother Nature and all she does for us. Another chance to hear her urgent call for action to make different choices about how...

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