A portfolio of some of the exciting collaborations with my Conservation Collective

The Rise of the Matriarch

Ecowarrior and founder of the Blue Sky Society Trust, Carla Geyser, is the expedition leader of the 2022 Rise of the Matriarch Expedition.

In 2016, she led South Africa’s first all-female conservation expedition from Southern Africa to Kenya. They drove 15 787km over 100 days through 10 countries to help stem the tide of poaching. The crew of 13 “she-roes” raised nearly R300 000 for various conservation projects, drew widespread continental attention to elephant poaching crisis, distributed 20 000 conservation educational booklets to children and provided support to 37 wildlife organisations along the way.

In September 2018 she headed out again and lead another all-female crew. This time across South Africa, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia to raise awareness about the contentious human-wildlife conflict. Another very successful Rise of the Matriarch expedition.

I joined Carla on a Journey with Purpose expedition in 2019 for a boots-on-the-ground experience with Elephants Alive. I can’t wait to get back on the road with Carla in her Landy, Dora. #LadyinaLandy

ROTM 2022 Leg One

ROTM 2022 Leg Two

Pelo Tales

Amateur art fundraiser for Wildlife Conservation in Southern Africa

Pelo Tales is a series of canvases I painted during Covid-19 related lockdowns in 2020. Having to make do with what I had to hand and in the spirit of sustainability, each canvas has been recycled. Perfect in their imperfections and certainly one of a kind.

Pelo” is heart in Setswana.

My art is an expression of the deep connection I have to pure spaces, to beauty and most especially to Nature. Each painting represents a Heart moment and so a little Pelo Tale to accompany it. You can read all these little tales here –

In 2022 I am thrilled to be joining the Rise of the Matriarch expedition – an all-female adventure across South Africa to raise awareness and funds for the plight of Mama Africa’s wildlife. The ROTM crew will engage with local communities especially children on the human-wildlife issue and distribute Wonderful Wildlife Booklets (that I developed content for). We will connect with anti-poaching groups, visit conservation groups and schools, and meet with incredible women who are doing remarkable things at a grassroots level to assist in conservation efforts.

If you would like to contribute to this very worthwhile cause, you can buy my Heart Art.

I would be happy to send you a high resolution pdf version of a Pelo Tales canvas of your choice in exchange for a donation (minimum USD 25.00)  toward our Rise of the Matriarch 2022 expedition.

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  • In the message section type “ROTM 2022”
  • Send proof of donation to
  • Claim your digital version of my Heart Art from the choices below 🖤

Thank You…

Blue Sky Zebra

Morning Herd

Sunrise Lion

First Ellie

Lilac Sky Ellie

Thamalakane Twilight

Gold Sky Rhino

Afternoon Lion

Peace of Spirit

Sunset Leopard

Xigera Hippo

Pastel Sky Giraffe

Kgalagadi Cheetah


Pink Sky Gemsbok

Stages of Psychological Development

Reflection Activities –

Free Downloads

I have created a Reflection Activity sheet for each of the aspects covered on the Wellbeing Toolbox, Nature and Sustainability pages. My hope is that these downloads will allow for more focused engagement with the resource material curated on the Pure Spaces Education website. You can access the pdf downloads within each section or right here from the download hub below.

Get downloading and enjoy!













Mother Earth


Anywhere CAB

Aotearoa CAB

Global Goals


Wild Webinar Education Downloads

This is a collection of Conservation Education Activity Sheets I created to go along with a Wild Webinar series run by the Blue Sky Society as part of a fundraising initiative in support of vital boots-on-the-ground Wildlife Conservation Work.


Southern Ground Hornbill

African Pangolin

Amphibians & Reptiles

Wildlife Vets

African Elephant