bespoke education


bespoke /bɪˈspəʊk/ adjective custom made for a particular user

bespoke education design is my specialty

bespoke education design

As a highly skilled educator with 20 years experience in a variety of education settings and teaching all ages, I have crafted and honed this bespoke education design process until it is second nature.

If you have an education design need, I am the right person to put this all together for you.

Format: informal or formal setting, paper or digital or a combination.

Topics: wildlife conservation, nature conservation, ecology, geography, sustainability, wellbeing toolkit, real world toolkit, soft skills.

Download the 4 step design process and a sample lesson from a previous education design project to see a worked example.

Get in touch to discuss your needs and for a quote.

wonderful wildlife booklets

In many parts of Africa children growing up in communities that border wildlife areas have limited access to conservation education resources. While closest in proximity to wildlife and wild spaces, their experience of human-wildlife conflict and pressure to poach often leaves these children with a very different perspective compared with visiting tourists.

The key to breaking down barriers to conservation is Education. Empowering communities with the message that their natural heritage has value and needs their protection. As a result, these communities will see the long term benefits of sustainable use of their environment.

The Blue Sky Society Trust, a non-profit conservation and humanitarian organisation based in South Africa, has collaborated with a number of groups over the past few years to develop, print and distribute Wonderful Wildlife Booklets to children in rural communities adjacent to wildlife areas from South Africa to Kenya.

This successful project continues in 2021 and I was thrilled and honoured to develop the content for this year’s edition. This edition is available in English, Zulu, Portuguese and soon Tsonga.

We continue to look for collaborators to help us further the translation potential and further the distribution of this vital conservation education work. If you want to be part of the solution you can find out more here:

Project BSST01 Wildlife Education Booklet

If you would like to take a closer look at the content of the Wonderful Wildlife Booklet 2021, you can download a watermarked copy.

your place in the world

Your Place in the World is the original concept I had three years ago that ultimately sparked the creation of Pure Spaces Education and all the content you see here on the website.

The Your Place in the World concept is a Wellbeing programme using themed Story to inspire and practice Self-reflection. The programme is aimed at inspiring and empowering secondary school-aged learners to develop self-efficacy. My theory is that a strong sense of self-efficacy would lead to pro-environmental behaviours.

For more detail on the Your Place in the World concept, download the detailed Theory of Change document.

And for a look at the content of the Your Place in the World programme in its current workbook form, download the watermarked pdf.

I believe the Your Place in the World programme has value and is flexible enough in its design to work in a number of formats and settings.

To find out how the Your Place in the World concept could work for you and your learners, please get in touch.