See Nature with Understanding and Heart

Welcome to

Pure Spaces Education!

This website is my passion project. Part of a Big Dream I’ve had for a long time now.

A dream to find my voice and know that it is extraordinary… just like each one of our voices is extraordinary.

A dream to encourage people to find their Place in the World, stand empowered in that Space and through their small, everyday decisions and actions Change the World for good.

So many of us are on this journey already. I am simply adding my perspective to this Conservation Collective as I believe each added voice gives this collective Power.

Even though this is just a beginning I am so excited to introduce you to my Environmental Education Resource Hub!

I have kept the format open, simple, “bite size” to engage as many audiences as possible.

Thank You for visiting and Enjoy Exploring!

Let’s take a quick tour….


If you want to know a little bit more about me and how Pure Spaces came to be, check out the About page. Here you will find my StoryPurpose and Mission statements, the Values that this work is grounded in, the Theory of Change this is based on and a whole lot of Gratitude for the giants’ shoulders I stand on.


Here I share a few key Tools I use to develop and maintain a sense of personal Wellbeing. I believe this is a vital foundation to work from in life. If your Being is Well you can accomplish anything.


The Nature page is an interesting combination of discovering our inner Nature as humans, as well as the Nature of the external natural world. Here we explore the Nature of Belonging, Family, Connection, Compassion and Mother Earth.


We hear the world Sustainability all the time at the moment. But what is it really, and why is it so important to everyone? I have spent many years in the Sustainability Space throughout my career. On this page I offer my take on what Sustainability is and why it is important.


While the content of the other pages is fixed for the moment, the Blog will give me an opportunity to share with you what I’m currently learning and reading from my Conservation Collective, Tribe and Anam Ċara (soul friends).


I have chosen not to allow comments on the blog posts. This is mostly due to managing spam and the complexities of privacy. However, if you do want to Get In Touch please use the contact form and I will get back to you when I can.