My Story, Purpose, Mission, Values, Theory of Change and a whole lot of Gratitude

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My Story

Ceud Mìle Fàilte (A Hundred Thousand Welcomes)

Sawubona (I See You)

I was born under a coppery African sky in the big city of Jozi (Johannesburg) in the nation of Mzansi (South Africa). My ancestors are Celts from Scotland and the north of England. My adopted home, where I have lived and worked as a teacher for many years inbetween my wandering, is Aoteoroa|New Zealand.

I am a wildlife conservationist, an environmental scientist, an ecologist, a geographer, a teacher, a storyteller, a wildhearted revolutionary and a Creative.

I am passionate about my birthplace Africa – its red earth in my DNA, and yet also a happy wanderer with many stamps in passports.

A life of magical experiences and breathtaking moments especially in Nature, where my Heart sings and Free Spirit soars. Standing on the edge of Lake Wakatipu or catching my breath at the top of Mt Tongariro. Breathing in the silence in the red dunes of the Kgalagadi. Drinking in the view from the top of the Drakensberg escarpment overlooking the iconic bushveld of Mpumalanga. Standing atop a granite crag in the heart of Zululand, the reassuring rush and tumble of the White Umfolozi River in the valley below. Watching the wildlife of the Okavango Delta ebb and flow with the seasonal flood drawn into its rhythm. The itchy heat of a summer day in the north of Kruger Park. The numb on my nose from standing in the snow at Glencoe or sailing with the wind in my face on Loch Ness. Letting the sand ooze between my toes at Waimea Bay, north shore of Oahu, or standing on the edge of the world at Kilauea Crater, Hawaii and many more….

What an immense privilege! On this Journey I’ve realised that with this immense privilege comes an even greater Responsibility.

I chose Pure Spaces for the meaning of my first name combined with my deeply held sense of significance in Spaces, whether external or internal.

Pure Spaces Education is a dream come true. A Dream to share what I’ve learned about our Mother Earth, about our deep Connection to her and each other. I believe if we truly take in this Connection and feel the benefit of it to our individual Wellbeing, we will live intentionally for the good of All.

I hope you are Inspired by something you find here. Inspired to take action for the Environment, even in some seemingly small way and Change the World.



UN SDG goal3
UN SDG goal 4
UN SDG goal 12


To connect a personal sense of place in the world with living sustainably both socially and environmentally.


To share a wellbeing toolbox that helps establish a grounded sense of place in the world.

Theory of Change

Pure Spaces Education is based on a theory of change. My theory of change diagram is shown here. For a more comprehensive version please download the pdf.


Values Grounded

Be kind in ALL ways – to self, others and Nature (Ubuntu – I am because we are)

Be wholehearted – compassionate, grateful, purposeful, resilient

Be a dreamer – hopeful, creative and open to life’s beauty in all its messiness

Be equanimous – balanced mind, body and soul, emotionally agile

Be courageous – vulnerable, leaning into discomfort, embracing the lessons of failure

Be values-driven – reflective, open to learn and grow, grounded identity

Be a wild-hearted revolutionary – authentic, extraordinary

(adapted from the Quiet Revolution’s core values, Susan Cain)

In Gratitude

If I have seen further,

it is by standing on the shoulders of Giants.

Isaac Newton

Much of what you will learn here is an adaptation and synthesis of the work of many wise humans. I try to cite sources as I go. However, if you are interested in my bibliography please download the pdf.

To all the People and Places from whom I have learned so much, I am deeply grateful for Time and Story shared. Most especially I acknowledge my precious Family and Anam Ċara (soul friends) near and far – I am because We are.