Pure Spaces Education was born into the world at a time of great personal professional upheaval for me. At the time I had no clear sense of where or what. Still not sure, to be honest. The Pure Spaces journey is certainly not a linear one. Recently I heard this beautiful analogy of how the Niger River takes the most unexpected, inefficient path from source through the Sahara to mouth. It defies the rules of river morphology. This resonates so strongly with me, both professionally and personally, as a wonderful way to think of creative flow. In the inefficiency, in the unexpected, in the mess and chaos lies our greatest creativity and innovation. If the Niger River took its expected path of least resistance of a few hundred kilometres, there would be no water flowing through the desert creating a pure space for life to survive in this part of west Africa. Sometimes we need to risk it all, make ourselves vulnerable, move against the grain even if we have no idea of where we will end up or what will eventuate. Pure Spaces Education is my oddball, ‘out there’ online portfolio that has lead to incredible opportunity, doors opening, collaboration with like-minded souls and delicious conversation. Beyond grateful to have connected with other quiet, wildhearted revolutionaries. Thank you💙