A tyre repair was required after the ROTM crew left Kosi Bay. A short stop at Manguzi and we were ready to go.

We arrived at our next stop – Tembe Elephant Park – in good time to visit the hide by the waterhole. Some lovely moments were spent with an ellie bull, a herd of impala, a herd of nyala and a gymnogene. Moody grey clouds gathered on the horizon and thunder began to rumble in the distance. We made a dash for the lodge as the storm broke over us.

We spent a rainy afternoon in our beautiful tents soaking up the bush atmosphere. The rain cleared in time for an evening game drive. Tembe is a wonderful spot for magic time with elephants. And the lodge is just lovely – food, service and accommodation.

We enjoyed the evening drive in the company of Thulani, a community liaison and guide. When we arrived back at camp the renowned Grant Fowlds was waiting for us by the fire. This wildlife conservation legend shared some stories with us over dinner and set up our project work for the next day.

The ROTM crew joined the Project Rhino team – Richard, Abe, Thulani, P21 and Grant – on a visit to two local primary schools for the Rhino Art programme. It was such an awesome morning spent with these children as they laughed, sang and made beautiful rhino posters.

We are nearing the end of this first leg of our intrepid expedition. What we have seen and experienced so far is really difficult to put into words. The easy bond between us girls continues, has strengthened even. We still have one more stop but we are already making plans to keep in touch. I feel so many incredible opportunities to support wildlife and wild spaces will have come from us ladies sharing the road and time round the campfire under glorious African skies. My cup runneth over.