This time last year I was putting the finishing touches to this website, getting ready for a January launch. I had no idea what doors this online portfolio would open. Here we are, 2021 is about done and Pure Spaces Education has changed the trajectory of my career. Early days still but excited to be able to follow opportunity.

It has been another interesting year navigating a global pandemic. There have been many days when it all seemed overwhelming. And that’s okay.

The intentions I set at the start of 2021 gave me Hope. Three specific dreams that kept me focused on the bigger picture. A constant reminder of my Dream Life.

Give yourself permission to Dream. Begin a Dreaming Practice. Not sure where to start? I can recommend Kristina Karlsson’s

As another strange year wraps up and new and excting adventure awaits on the horizon of 2022, another source of Hope for me is Brené Brown’s latest book, Atlas of the Heart. This is a truly beautiful book appealing to the Geographer and Wildhearted Revolutionary in me.

One of my Hopes for 2022 is being part of some successful wildlife conservation education projects – Rise of the Matriarch and Wonderful Wildlife Booklets – in Southern Africa. I am currently running a fundraiser in support of these projects. You can find the details here – I would be so grateful for any support 💙

Wishing you Hope this season whatever your circumstances. As Brené says “We need Hope like we need air”. #HopeFloats